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What people are saying about us 

“I have been battling lower back pain for 5+ years. Been everywhere and tried everything. Nothing was working to give any relief. Started HILT and almost immediately felt some relief from the pain. After 20+ treatments I can say with 100% confidence that it is a game changer. I was unable to walk or be on my feet 30 minutes without horrible discomfort and pain! It restricted me from being active and mobile. That has gotten so much better where I go days without any pain. I highly suggest this to anyone. You must be patient because in the end you will realize it was worth it.”

-Justin N, Age 52

Patient Testimonials

"Amazed with the work that Dr. Mary has done for me! After a decade of hip pain from a horse accident I am feeling great! I had seen several chiropractors over the years with no relief - a couple months with Agape and I feel great! Lifesaver." - Rose D

"When I first came in to Agape Chiropractic Laser Clinic for treatment I was experiencing constant 8 our of 10 pain in my lower back. I walked bent over and wasn't able to enjoy life very well. I had had several injections to no avail. I was told surgery was not an option. A friend of mine recommended the High Intensity Laser Treatment so I gave it a try. My pain is now down to a 2 and I am able to do anything I want. The doctors at Agape Chiropractic are wonderful. They explain everything they are going to do in layman's terms. I would highly recommend High Intensity Laser Therapy for pain."    - John C.

"I am a chiropractor's worst nightmare. Bad posture combined with not doing the stretching and exercise I need to do and I only go in when I can no longer handle the pain, makes for a challenge to anyone.


"Dr. DeJarnatt worked on me and the severe tension started loosening up and continued to loosen up for days following. She has it down to a science and figures out where the issues are in a very time efficient manner that I have not seen before and I grew up in Davenport and was a guinea pig for many students as well as licensed professionals

"If she cannot get you loosened up you might as well go get a jack hammer... just kidding. She is Awesome!"  - Darryl D.

"Dr. Mary is really good. We have looked long and hard to find someone who looks at the whole body and not just one specific spot. Referred pain often masks the real source of trouble. Dr. Mary finds it. Welcome to Williamsburg, Dr." - Gloria G.

"Dr. Mary Parsons [DeJarnatt] is amazing. My whole family goes to Agape, even my 4 year old." - Angie B.

"Very nice and professional, she had me adjusted in no time. Would recommend her to and anyone that needs to be adjusted correctly." - Jim H.

"Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] is amazing! The environment is so nice and calm and she is amazing at what she does. It's great having a chiropractor that fits my needs minutes away from home. She is also a licensed massage therapist on top of being a chiropractor. Give her a try, you won't regret it!" - Lily K.

"My knees were both bone on bone and my was so bad I couldn't walk very well. every day, my pain level was 10 out of 10 for 10 years. I tried lipo laser on both knees and after my first treatment I felt relief. Each treatment I went back for, I felt so much better. My pain level was down to little or none. I am able to do more activities and household chores now. I would definitely recommend lipo laser for people who have bad knees. It changes your life!" - Kristy R.

"Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] is great! I feel better knowing I don't have to live with or maintain my pain level, we can correct it. She was amazing and I feel GREAT!"

- Aaron S.

     "Excellent! I would absolutely recommend Dr. DeJarnatt. The combination of massage and chiropractic adjustments have made a huge difference for me, including relief of plantar fasciitis. She is a wealth of knowledge and has a genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of all of her patients. You will not be disappointed." - Tammy S.

  "Dr. Parsons [DeJarnatt] was the best chiropractic experience I have had in my life. I've been seen by many and been through the normal crunch and boot out the door every time. I was pleasantly surprised that Agape chiropractic was nothing like the rest. She takes time to listen to your complaints and goes to work. Very happy with her work ethics and skill set! Also offer massage therapy which is convenient for travel purposes. A+ all the way around." - Larry R.

513 Court Street, Williamsburg, Iowa 52361

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