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Rehabilitation Services

Getting results

        Our chiropractic physicians evaluate each situation fully and provide the most comprehensive care to each patient. In addition to personalized chiropractic care, they provide other treatment options to address the actual cause of the pain. We understand that treating all of the structures in the area of concern is the most efficient and effective way to achieve successful results. Each treatment plan is customized to include the following treatment techniques as they are necessary.

Manual Therapies

        This is a general term for the hands-on therapeutic techniques used to addressed abnormalities in muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The purpose of this type of therapy is to regain joint function, remove muscular trigger points, increase movement, stop muscle spasms, and reduce inflammation.

Myofascial Release

        With this technique, the provider uses manual therapies or special tools to remove adhesions in the specific tissues called fascia. This tissue surrounds each muscle, each muscle group, and lies under the entirety of the skin. The goal of this type of physiotherapy is to allow for the muscles to function more freely within its sheath of fibrous fascia.


Neuromuscular Re-education

        These techniques are used for the purpose of improving impaired movement, balance, and coordination. The goal of NMR is to reset the sensors around the joint (proprioceptors) to provide longer term results with each treatment. 

Electronic Muscle Stimulation

        With this therapy, electrodes are attached to the skin that send electrical impulses into the surrounding muscles. The impulses create a light contraction of the muscle similar to what would be attained during exercise. This reduces inflammation and causes the body to produce natural pain killers called endorphines and enkephalins.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Exercises

        Our doctors teach and incorporate simple, specific therapeutic exercises for each patient to address muscle imbalances and weaknesses contributing improper function and pain. These exercises may be done during your appointment, or shown to you to be completed at home.

High Intensity Laser Therapy

        Laser technology is an FDA-approved method of treating pain. Our 60-watt warm laser is able to penetrate to the deepest structures in your body to stimulate repair at the cellular level. This type of therapy has been proven to be successful in reducing pain and inflammation for all type of injuries or chronic pain conditions.

Rapid Release Therapy

        This is registered trademarked deep vibration tool that is set a frequency designed to break up scar tissue and remove soft tissue adhesions. This works great to reverse range of motion loss from older or chronic injuries.

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